Our Journey

Meet Olivia Piazza, a 16 year old who has a simple mission. To change the way you travel. As a fellow traveler she just couldn’t find the perfect lightweight, versatile, modern travel tote so she decided to create her own. 

Here's The Problem

Most handbags on the market either weigh a tonne without anything in them or they aren’t practical but for the New Yorker Tote Bag we wanted to create something that has never been seen before in travel bags. For most people with active lifestyles a handbag is the only option to carry your stuff in style. However when you're out all day at things like work or dinner with friends, you necessarily don’t want to carry a big tote bag around.

Here’s The Solution

We wanted to make a bag that was so practical to fit all your things in yet something that had great functionality, minimal weight and compact. We created the New Yorker Tote Bag to be extremely lightweight and the stylish solution for an everyday bag. We’ve used only premium materials.  We’re super excited about this.

Funding- What we need the Money For

In order to produce the New Yorker Tote with a quality manufacturer, we need to give them a production order large enough so that they are willing to produce the bag and at a cost which will make it affordable. If the New Yorker Tote Bag is successfully funded we are extremely confident we will be able to produce the bag and have it to backers by September- 2019.