The term "ethical manufacturing" has become a topic of consumer interest and since we launched in 2018, Olivia Jean has proudly upheld 100% responsible, ethical production. Our bags are designed in Australia and manufactured in China. We partner with a local production expert who has had 10 years experience. All sub-contracted cutting staff, sewers, quality control and packing suppliers are paid above average standards and are awarded annual bonuses and incentives. They have meal allowances included in their wages, are all above the age of 20 yrs old, and many have worked with us for many years.

The working conditions are superior, with clean, spacious spaces, clean drinking water, tea, coffee, fans + air-conditioning, wifi and more. As our production is quite "boutique" style and small, we have transparency and control over who and where the bags are produced. 

We care about our suppliers, and have taken the steps to listen to their needs, and this has been an important work in progress to fostering a happy, safe and pleasant work environment. If everyone involved is content, the end product is assured to be one of quality and positivity. We are evolving as a company and this journey of responsible manufacturing is something we take very seriously. 


At Olivia Jean we are proud to only utilise fabrics and materials that are of high quality and durable, meaning your bag will be long-lasting. Neoprene is made from a rubber with good chemical stability and maintains flexibility over a wide temperature range.