Mama Muse: Meet Amy Keary

Have you been looking for a baby bag that's organised, practical and doesn't look hideous?! Don't worry mama's we've got you covered! We've caught up with Amy to talk all things bubs and bags.  



  • Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Amy Keary. I’m 27, married and have an 8 month old son named Hudson. I’m currently on maternity leave and enjoy spending my days with my son watching him grow and learn new things. When I don’t have a baby attached to my hip I enjoy doing Pilates and getting outdoors for some fresh air. I love dancing , skincare and all things fashion. 


  • What do you use your neoprene bag for?

My Neoprene bag has literally been a godsend ! Honestly I use it every single day and it’s been a real necessity for me as a mum as I can fit everything and anything in it without it all falling out .


  • What do you love about your neoprene bag?

I love that it’s super deep so nothing falls out. It’s got pockets which is handy being a mum ! I also love the fabric it’s made because if it does get dirty it’s super easy to clean!


  • Would you recommend Olivia Jean to other mums?

I would 100% recommend Olivia Jean to other mums as I know how much it has benefited me and I would love to help other mums find that perfect baby bag for themselves. Anything that makes mum life easy is a win so I know other mums appreciate the recommendation.